Latest project: 'The Inevitable' Installation for The FLUX Exhibition at The Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of the Arts, London SW1P 4JU from 11-17th April 2018. A clump of 10 coloured hexagonal cells found them selves basking in the spring sunshine and quite simply and spontaneously began responding to their environment. Albeit for just a week, they could perhaps be deemed to have been alive. Walking around outside, the installation appeared to be visibly breathing, bellowing in and out with the wind and exchanging gases across a vaste semi-permeable membrane. A conventional aluminium scaffold frame provided a strong exo-skeleton from which to suspend 220 yards of coloured Organza fabric skin.This in turn was strengthened at structural joints by 40 yards of Crinoline thereby enclosing a very special self-contained environment safely within. The inside was like a tardis, with illusions of distorted dimensionality and a strange yet familiar feeling of being sheltered in a hallowed space created for adventure whilst all the while still dependent upon and vulnerable to the elements outside. This was a demonstration of a world-view quite simply constrained and controlled by our ability to perceive a very narrow band of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Reacting to the light, absorbing, reflecting, filtering and admixing in every possible combination, the installation continually transformed with the weather as the days went by. The sensory experience created an obligation to participate in and interact with the chemistry and dynamics of the internal milieu. The multiple filters of perceived reality literally coloured the view as they played on and on endlessly blending and overlapping continually moving within the visible range thereby fascinating and satiating the senses and creating illusions of apparent containment whilst at the same time actually limiting the subjective experience as one wondered through.

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